Brown Shrimps Potted 48g


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Brown shrimp seasoned with nutmeg is used to make potted shrimps, a popular British recipe. The brown shrimps are cooked in nutmeg-flavoured butter solidified in a small pot, serving as a preservative. For added flavour, cayenne pepper may be added.

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The meal is eaten as an appetiser or a tasty snack. It’s usually served with freshly baked or toasted bread with a slice of lemon. This pot contains 48g of shrimp and 9g of hot-spiced butter, resulting in a unique Cumbrian preparation. Brown shrimp is a highly nourishing food that is also a healthy source of selenium and vitamin B12. Selenium aids calcium synthesis and is beneficial to the immune system. Vitamin B12 is essential for the body’s metabolic mechanism to work properly. This is a low-fat, nutritious dinner for the entire family.

What Do Brown Shrimps Taste Like?

People may think putting beautiful, butter-flavoured shrimp in a small saucepan is backward. Still, after you’ve sampled the butter-poached shrimp, you’ll realise why this British cuisine is regaining its reputation.

Responsibly-Sourced Brown Shrimps

Since they are certified, these shrimps are environmentally sustainable. A third-party assessor has approved them to demonstrate that our company complies with both social and environmental requirements. Social and environmental efficiency, ethics, sustainability, compliance, economic feasibility, and management processes are all considered factors.