Octopus Tako 160g



Japanese tacos aren’t like the tacos that are popular in Mexico. Tako means “octopus” in Japanese. The sliced pieces of wild octopus tako pair well with stir-fries, salads, and soups. Sliced thin slices of octopus can be substituted for meat for a filling but light main meal. This is an excellent topping for sushi or when you fancy octopus carpaccio.

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There may not be many sushi restaurants around the world serving Octopus Tako sushi, but it is an incredibly popular dish in Japan, just like the stewed octopus tentacles. This sushi’s unique appearance is defined by its white flesh and purple skin.

People who haven’t tried Tako may be intimidated by its look and chewiness, but once they taste it, they can’t stop eating it.

Chefs in Japan most commonly prepare sushi by washing it with coarse salt in a small bowl, removing the slime on it, and rubbing it with salt and daikon radish until it is completely smooth, then quickly rinse. Unless this step is taken, you may find yourself biting into rubber. However, if prepared correctly, Tako can be enjoyed alone, as sushi, or as part of a salad.

It is customary for octopuses to be dipped in boiling water before consumption in Japan, in contrast to other seafood. This will enhance the flavor of the cooked meat and make it more tender, otherwise the meat may remain tasteless and tough.

In addition to being a delicious sushi topping with toasted sesame seeds, or sliced octopus pieces make a great addition to sesame noodles stir-fry with sesame dipping sauce. You might also poach the octopus meat in a mixture of orange juice, extra virgin olive oil, and chili flakes.

Benefits Of Delicious Octopus Slices

The meat of Octopuses has a short lifespan and contains no mercury like that of other sea predators. They make an excellent low-calorie meal, great for people who are watching their weight

Besides being high in iron, octopus slices are rich in Vitamin D, which is good for winter immunity. Moreover, they are a great food source with high levels of protein, which is very important for maintaining muscles and tissues within the body.

Octopuses contain almost half as much iron as a woman needs in her daily diet, and all the iron a man needs in his. A diet rich in iron can also prevent anemia and maintain healthy blood.

Tako is also a great source of other essential vitamins and minerals. Selenium is present in high quantities, which is beneficial to the immune system. Additionally, it contains copper, an element that is necessary for hemoglobin production. Omega-3 fatty acids, which are extremely beneficial for the heart, are also abundant in Tako.


Most tako served in Britain’s sushi bars originates from the Mediterranean, though the octopus sushi culture extends around the world.

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