Marlin Loins 1kg


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Pacific Ocean
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1 kg

Long, lean and firm, Marlin Loins are known as the Cadillac of fish among gourmets. The Marlin is a large game fish with a thick oval-shaped body, a single dorsal fin, and a crescent-shaped tail fin. The white meat is firm and lean with a mild flavour.

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Marlin Loins are cleaned and boneless. These steaks are line-caught in the Pacific Ocean off Vietnam and shipped fresh to our plant, where they are cut down into individual portions for maximum convenience and better value. Thickly cut wide steaks are ideal for grilling. Thaw out with some of your favourite sauce, or prepare it as is! Available in a pack of 5 to 6 steaks per 1kg.

What Do Marlin Loins Taste Like?

Marlin Loins are firm with a meaty texture. The natural flavour of Marlin loins is excellent for broiling, pan-frying, and grilling. Marlin Loins are best cooked to a medium-rare temperature.

Responsibly-Sourced Marlin Loins

Sustainably grown in the Pacific, our Marlin is line-caught in Vietnam as a sustainable herbivore fish. Our 1kg marlin loins are boneless skinless steaks. These premium cuts are sought after for their fine texture and delicate flavour.


170-230g, 1kg