Crab 400-600g



Our whole cooked male crabs are primarily pot caught in the North Sea and have a fresh taste even after being caught. The crabs are among nature’s most nutritious foods. Choosing this option will provide you with more than double the amount of meat if you are determined to save every piece. Prepare your claw meat crackers, hammer, heavy knife, and a whole cooked male king crab.

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Whole Cooked Crab 400-600g

Our crab delivery day service is the perfect choice for anyone looking to serve fresh crab at home, on their own schedule. Whole cooked crabs from Frozen Fish Direct are an excellent choice for any special occasion. Getting all that white crab meat out might require some expertise, but you can become an expert after a few tries.

Rich Taste of Crab Meat

Brown crab meat contains plenty of high-quality protein, which helps to build muscle and regenerate cells. Additionally, it is packed with zinc, potassium, and phosphorus, which are essential to bone and fluid development, along with Omega-3 fatty acids, which are essential to heart and brain health. With its high level of Vitamin C, it strengthens your immune system and helps you see better.

Crab meat from male crabs contains a higher proportion of white meat than meat from female crabs, making it an excellent choice for crab delicacies, pasta dishes, and salads. We provide female crabs ready to eat, so there’s no fuss. All you need is a hammer.

Since the meat has already been cooked, all that needs to be done is for the brown crab to defrost, break its shell, and begin to dig its meat out. As soon as you separate the white meat from the brown meat, you can eat it right away or make your own crab salad. If you prefer warm crab meat, it can be gently reheated or chilled with a drizzle of lemon juice.

Every whole crab yielded an average of 200g of meat. Crabs may yield different amounts of meat.


Our business aims to provide crab, shellfish, and other seafood caught in an eco-friendly manner. Live crab that is sustainably caught in pots from the North Sea provides the most flavorful and succulent meat of any crab we have tasted. A complete meal, cooked and ready to eat, accompanied by freshly baked brown bread and fresh mayonnaise.

At Frozen Fish Direct, we strive to ensure that our company grows and improve sustainably. We are able to supply our customers with the freshest seafood and preserve the fish population.