Unagi 7oz 200g



Japanese food called unagi no kabayaki is grilled eel. Freshwater eels are known as unagi in Japan, while kabayaki is the Japanese name for boneless unagi fillets, prepared in a sweet sauce in a 200g package. These grilled eels slices are sliced into thin slices and seasoned with sweet Kabayaki-style soy sauce before being frozen for easy use in sushi bowls and donburi. This finely-sliced, eel is easy to defrost due to its delicate thickness, making it perfect for the preparation of sushi rice, adding a delicious sweetness.

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The grilling method kabayaki is a popular method for cooking seafood. Kabayaki is prepared by gutting and boning the fish, seasoned in a mixture of sake, sugar, soy sauce, and other ingredients, ahead of grilling.

During cooking, the frozen eel becomes supple and crisp. The skewered eels are first grilled over a coal fire, reduced in fat with a steamer, flavoured with a sweet unagi sauce and then grilled again. The eel needs to be grilled twice more.

A sweet, thick caramel sauce tops the fish, making it perfect for unadon or sushi. Grilled or stir-fried in more traditional Japanese recipes, these skewered eel slices are coated in a sticky glaze to enhance their savoury flavour.

Freshly steamed white rice is typically served with unagi kabayaki. In some restaurants, eels are grilled using recipes that are handed down from generation to generation.

You can add ground Japanese sansho pepper to unagi no kabayaki for some extra spice. In addition to adding a burst of flavour to the oily eels and tenderizing them, the fermented seasoning also stimulates appetite and digestion.

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Japan considers unagi as one of its most famous summer foods and is well known for its tasty qualities as well as its numerous health properties.

Ever since the Edo period, unagi don was thought of as a power food for building stamina during the midsummer months. As well as being low in mercury levels, they are loaded with nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, protein, vitamins, and calcium.

Our unagi not only tastes great, but it also comes from Japan’s clean waters where we maintain high-quality standards. After grilling and steaming the unagi on a charcoal grill, any excess oil is removed and its tenderness is increased.

This sea creature’s white meat has a dense texture and a slightly sweet flavour. The Japanese pepper sansho complements the unagi’s citrusy taste. Combine with rice for a tasty summer meal.

Responsibly-Sourced Unagi

A sustainable eel fishery and aquaculture manager we work with is a member of the Sustainable Eel Network, whose purpose is to promote sustainable eel fishing and aquaculture. Reducing bycatch and mortality is among these steps, as is improving fishing practices in collaboration with fishers.

The eels are harvested by an environmentally friendly process, are sustainably caught, and have a high omega-3 content. The third-party inspector’s certification proves that our eels meet the highest safety and quality standards.