Smoked Halibut 200g



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Greenland halibut is a firm, meaty fish that can be cooked in various ways. It’s great for cold recipes such as salads and appetizers; it also has the perfect texture to smoke! This delicate dish will provide an alternative when you’re tired of salmon dishes–make sure not to overcook these delicious dishes on your menu!

When cooking Greenland Halibuts, don’t forget about their smoky flavour – they are excellently smoked, which gives them a firmer texture than other varieties.

We have just lightly cold-smoked our halibut and then finely sliced each side fillet into 200g portions for your delight! Superb lean, healthy eating that you won’t want to pass on.

What Does Smoked Halibut Taste Like?

Smoked Halibuts have a distinctive flavour with notes of sweetness mixed with savoury umami undertones, giving them their delicious appeal; not only do they possess this delightful flavour, but they’re soft enough on your fork, so you don’t end up pushing through bone like some other fish would be when consumed at dinner time—the perfect combination for those who want something light yet filling.

Responsibly-Sourced Halibut

When we buy halibut, it is caught by using either traps or nets – not hooks. This makes fishing more sustainable and ethical for the fishermen and their communities because they can catch fish with a smaller environmental impact than other methods of catching seafood, as trawling does.

We only work with fishermen engaged in this type of harvesting; otherwise, our product wouldn’t be nearly so good!

Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond just what’s on your plate-it also includes how you can enjoy that dish. If you want an eco-friendly experience without sacrificing flavour… then order from us today!