Hoki Fillet 1kg


New Zealand


The Hoki fish is a large, elongated, nearly circular fish and are approximately 1 metre in length. They are pale brown to dark green-brown on top and white underneath. The adult can weigh up to 20 kilograms or more.

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Hoki is fast-growing whitefish. Their growth appears to be influenced by temperature and available food. However, they can be caught in depths of 800 metres or more they are usually caught at depths of 50–300 metres. Hoki has an unusual feature in that the eye is set at the end of the snout. The Hoki has a single dorsal fin located in the centre of its back and no lateral line on its sides. Although the Hoki can be found throughout New Zealand waters, they are mainly found off Southland and the Tasman Sea. There are 7 to 9 skinless Hoki fillets in a 1-kilo bag.

What Does Hoki Taste Like?

Hoki is a white, flaky-textured fish, which can be eaten either as fillets or as loins. It is also used in manufacturing fish food, as it contains a high percentage of protein and fat. The flesh is soft and mildly sweet with some saltiness. When cooked, Hoki has a firm texture and is considered quite healthy for humans due to its high protein content.

Responsibly-Sourced Hoki

New Zealand’s Hoki fishery is tightly monitored. Fishermen are only allowed to take a certain number of Hoki per year. Hoki is a mid-water fish that’s caught by factory trawlers. These factory trawlers can catch and freeze Hoki at sea year-round. Hoki fish has been certified sustainable since 2001. A new certification was awarded in 2007 to confirm sustainable practices.

Frozen Hoki Recipe