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The Small Mussels has been specifically selected to ensure that mussels stay fresh longer and make for an all-natural seafood treat.

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Small, tasty and tender, these mussels are wild farmed in the North Sea. A farmed product, the mussels are picked and cooked shortly after harvesting to ensure maximum freshness—ideal for tapas or a speedy supper on the plate. The Small Mussels product contains a rich amount of vitamins; their high content of iron, copper and iodine gives them a nutritional value similar to that of fish. On the other hand, mussels are also distinguished by an exceptional variety of amino acids, including taurine and glycine, which do not exist in fish. The content of unsaturated fats in mussels is also much greater than we find in other seafood.

What Do Mussels Taste Like?

The mussel is one of the most nutritious and sustainable seafood choices, especially when farmed in clean water. Our Small Mussels come packed in briny, natural juices and are individually inspected to ensure quality. Their firm texture and mild flavour make them easy to serve as an entrée with linguine or angel hair pasta as the main course or sprinkled on pizza.

Responsibly-Sourced Mussels

Our Small Mussels are picked, packed and processed in a purpose-built facility. These premium mussels have been harvested in the clean, cold waters of the British coast. They are of a higher grade than those traditionally found on supermarket shelves. We work very closely with our mussel farmers, monitoring and testing them regularly to ensure they are free from toxins, parasites and pollutants.

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