Escargot Snails in Garlic Butter 85g



85g (12 Snails pack)

Escargot is the most common type of snail consumed by humans around the world and many greatly-embellished legends are surrounding this delicacy.

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The Molluscs have been eaten since prehistoric times and evidence of snails being used for food has been found in Ancient Greece and Ancient Rome. Escargot snails are usually served in their shells with garlic butter and parsley. The dish is usually hot and is best served with a fork or spoon straight from the shell. Popular in France, Spain, and Portugal, these little escargot snails are an exotic delicacy that far from snobby and are most definitely worth a taste. These Escargot are high in protein, iron, calcium and vitamins which make them a great addition to any diet. They can be eaten at any time of the year and are especially popular when the weather starts getting colder.


You’ve gotta love snails! Our delectable Escargot is all-natural snails that have been picked fresh from the farm and prepared with garlic butter. They’re a tasty treat served in over 80% of the best restaurants around the world. These Snail Escargot are something that will have your taste buds tingling in delight. These delicious escargots can be served with bread or added to any dish for an unforgettable french gourmet meal.


Escargot Snails In Garlic Butter is made by us and sourced from the finest ingredients. Our snails are sourced from farms that adhere to our sourcing standards. We have a closed-loop supply chain, and all suppliers who contribute to our snails have been screened using rigorous sourcing criteria such as animal welfare standards.