Scallops 800g Net



Scallops are not only delicious but also nutritious choices. They are tasty with their orange roe. With a succulent texture and sweet flavour, Peruvian Scallops are perfect for baking, grilling and poaching.

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A natural partner to seafood, they’re also a versatile addition to recipes that call for chicken or pork. Use in soups or stews, as a pasta sauce, or as part of a vegetarian stir-fry recipe. These Peruvian scallops are wild-caught by skilled fishermen in the cold, pristine waters of South America. Our 800g pack of delicately-flavoured Peruvian scallops are 20/30 per 454g with a very low glaze, so you get more of the taste of the sea. An exceptional product for the price, and are ideal for a variety of scrumptious dishes. Grill or shallow-fry to prepare, then serve with your favourite side dish. Or, use in soups or stews, as a pasta sauce, or as part of a vegetarian stir-fry recipe.

What Do Scallops Taste Like?

Scallops are popular for their sweet, delicate taste and firm texture. Their tender meat absorbs other flavours well, and they make a great seafood addition to many dishes. These shellfish taste best when quickly sliced from raw in a dish of marinade and exquisite sauces. Scallop’s meaty texture can be enjoyed cooked or raw, including on sushi.

Responsibly-Sourced Scallops

These scallops are sustainable, which means their fishing practices don’t put other sea life at risk. Each scallop is also individually quick frozen, locking in freshness and flavour.

Frozen Scallops Recipe