Breaded Scampi 454g


NE Atlantic

This is wild luxury breaded scampi, also known as Dublin Bay prawns, at a fantastic price.

Serve with a slice of lemon and garlic mayonnaise or tartar sauce as a snack, appetiser or main meal – the choice is yours.

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If you’re looking for healthy protein to serve at your next dinner party, look no further than this wild luxury breaded scampi. These Dublin Bay prawns are delicious and the best deal around!

The breading is light and crispy with a little grease, which creates a wonderful contrast of textures when paired against succulent soft meat inside.

Serve them with either lemon or garlic mayonnaise on top as an appetizer or meal – it’s up to you!

What Does Breaded Scampi Taste Like?

The scampi is a popular pub grub that has been on the British menu for decades. Our breaded scampi is made of premium seafood, including whole tails, making them perfect as a tea-time treat with chips and mushy peas! Langoustines or Dublin Bay Prawns make an excellent choice if you’re looking to splurge; these sweet crustaceans have highly flavoured meat inside their shells.

Responsibly-Sourced Scampi

Our sustainable operation is managed by strict management systems and adheres to a seasonal harvesting schedule. This enables us to maintain a tradition of uncompromising quality while ensuring the future safety of people’s coastlines and livelihoods.

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