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What Are Scallops?

Scallops have two amazing convexly contoured shells. They comprise two hinged shells at one end, which is why they are identified as bi-valve molluscs by biologists. Even those who don’t hugely like fish or other molluscs will enjoy the smooth fleshy texture and daintily subtle sweet taste of scallops. Since the diving period lasts only for spring and the early stages of the summer, we preserve and freeze most of the catch so that we can serve it to you any time of the year.

Scallops retain their consistency, texture, aroma, and taste are practically intact when thawed properly. The scallops must be defrosted at a slower rate to achieve the optimal outcome. Scallops have a sweet, delicate taste and meaty texture, a popular choice among top chefs and passionate home cooks. As soon as they become firm and transparent, you must consider removing your scallops from the heat. Our frozen scallops are incredibly versatile and can be combined with distinctive herbs and aromatic Asian seasonings. It is commonly found in Scotland to depths of 100 metres. At Frozen Fish Direct, we have frozen scallops for sale.

Processing Scallops

Fresh frozen scallop meat is processed by fully separating the adductor muscle from its shell and separating the internal organs and roe from the adductor muscle of the fresh scallops. No extra water, phosphates or other additives are contained in our scallop meat.

After processing scallop meats in proper sanitary methods, the products are washed, drained then frozen, reducing water absorption. Our innovative freezing devices then subject the scallops to a rapid freezing process. Our frozen scallops are handled and packed well so that dehydration and oxidation are greatly reduced. We also implement the recognised practice of repacking fast-frozen goods under sterile environments to preserve the product’s quality.

Benefits Of Frozen Scallops

Frozen scallops have always been healthy as it includes incredibly lean protein, with elevated amounts of Omega 3 oils and loaded with essential minerals and vitamins. They are best prepared seared on a frying pan for only 2 minutes per side. Scallops are a good source of several minerals, such as selenium, copper and zinc.

Such nutrients are essential to human health, but some individuals may not be getting the right amount. A healthy immune response and precise thyroid function are promoted by adequate intake of selenium. While zinc is vital for proper brain activity and growth, copper can prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. Scallops are generally low in carbs and low in calories. A hundred-gram serving of scallops contains only 137 calories.

Pregnant women are advised to eat 2 – 3 portions of the finest seafood every week, and the topping the list is the scallop. Salmon, sole, shrimp, as well as flounder are some other choices. Scallops have various essential nutrients that are helpful in pregnancy, such as iron, B12, zinc, calcium, and protein. Just make sure you thoroughly cook the scallops before you eat.

Why Buy Frozen Scallops From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct strives to supply seafood and shellfish that is not readily available in supermarkets or your local fishmongers. We are an independently run company that promotes individuality and values our client’s need to be personally catered to. We understand seafood very well, and we are happy to answer you if you have any seafood questions.

Most of our seafood is obtained from the UK, where many of the best and most coveted fish and seafood are found. Our frozen goods are well-packaged and properly delivered through our reliable distribution team to the end customers. Frozen Fish Direct strives to have only the best quality seafood at the highest possible condition. You will experience the same quality of seafood as you can find in your local restaurant.

Frozen Scallops Nutritional Facts

A 100-gram serving of cooked scallops provides:

Calories: 90
Calories from Fat: 9
Total Fat: 1g
Sodium: 654mg
Potassium: 220mg
Carbohydrates: 3g
Sugar: 0g
Fibre: 0g
Protein: 18g
Calcium: 0mg
Iron: 0.4mg

Frozen Scallops Recipe


What’s the perfect oil for scallops to cook?

You'll want to use a high-smoke vegetable oil like grapeseed, safflower or extra virgin olive oil for pan-frying, a popular approach of cooking scallops. Clarified butter can also give favourable results to the dish.

Can frozen scallops be cooked without defrosting?

You may cook a frozen scallop directly from the freezer. You may not have to wait for it to be fully thawed before cooking. Frozen scallops will retain its taste and texture in the freezer for up to 6 months.

Are you supposed to wash scallops before cooking?

After a scallop has been shucked, all you need to do is to wash it. Try to ensure that every scallop has been sheared of its side muscle, an oval-shaped tissue that can be quickly sliced away. Pat dry before cooking.

How do you know if the frozen scallops are spoiled?

The easiest approach is to smell the scallops and check each one. A sour odour, rusty colour and slimy texture are the indications of bad scallops. If the smell of the scallop is intense, discard it. Make sure scallops do not give off any odours, and remove those that are not shiny or those that are frosted.

What is the proper way for frozen scallops to defrost?

The easiest way of defrosting frozen scallops is to put them overnight inside the fridge. Before placing the seafood to thaw inside your fridge, remove the scallops out of the packet, place them in a huge bowl or dish then cover the surface with plastic wrap.