Gilt Head Bream 4/600g


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Gilt-Head Bream are a type of round, warm water fish that is cultivated in the Mediterranean. Dorade or Royal Bream are other names for Gilt-Head Bream.

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Sea Bream and Sea Bass are two species that may be used instead of Gilt-Head Bream. At its peak, a 49% return of a Gilt-Head Bream can be achieved. These farm-raised fish are gutted and scaled, with a flavour comparable to sea bass but a broader, shorter fillet. All Mediterranean chefs love it because it’s so versatile. They can be purchased year-round and are of decent value for money.

What Does Gilt Head Bream Taste Like?

Gilt-Head Bream has a mild and pleasant taste and a medium to soft flesh texture that produces fine fish flakes. They contain significant amounts of oil. The flesh of a Guilt-Head Bream is soft and juicy, with a coating of smooth oil separating each flake. The Bream’s tail has a more fatty taste than the loin.

Responsibly-Sourced Gilt Head Bream

Since we want you to consume seafood safely, all of Frozen Fish Direct’s fish products are sustainably sourced, and all of our products are certified as well. These Gilt Head Breams have been confirmed as having been sourced sustainably. They’ve already been certified by a third-party assessor to show that our business follows both social and environmental expectations. It also considers social and environmental consequences, as well as ethical considerations.

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