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Anchovies are high-protein, high-mineral, and high-vitamin A food. Niacin (vitamin B) and vitamin B6 are abundant in fish.

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They also have vitamin C and dietary minerals like zinc, calcium, copper, iron, and iodine. This nutritious fish is well-regarded by people who watch their diets. The anchovy can be used in dips, as in anchovy mayonnaise, or as an ingredient in various recipes, including stuffed olives. Anchovies are also used in a variety of meat, pâté, meatball dishes, and pizza topping. In certain sauces, such as hollandaise, anchovies are also an ingredient. A typical Greek salad consists of sliced tomato, chopped onion, feta cheese, olive oil and lemon juice dressing. Anchovies are often added to the dish. It is found in the Caesar salad as well. Instead of the cheese or bacon bits on Caesar salad, it has become trendy to serve anchovies.

What Do Anchovies Taste Like?

Anchovies provide a salty and umami flavour to dishes. When you use anchovies in a salad, the flavour of the dish is enhanced, and you use less oil. It can be served on bread, used as a main course, with meat, or eaten independently.

Responsibly-Sourced Anchovies

According to the UK’s seafood watchdog, only “sustainably harvested” anchovies can be purchased. We only procure anchovies from the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas. Our fish is caught in a sustainable, environmentally conscious way here, so we can help save the ocean and protect the people who work in it.


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How do I clean anchovies?

They can be washed with water or wiped with a dry cloth (to preserve their flavour).
Once washed, the anchovies should be dried with a dry cloth. Use scissors to remove the tail and the stomach to give the fillets their shape.

What’s the difference between salted anchovies and anchovy fillets?

Salted anchovies are semi-prepared products. They are sold whole in recipients where they are arranged in layers separated by salt. A certain amount of work is required before they can be eaten, as they have to be cleaned (e.g. with water) and filleted. This is why they are more popular with gourmets and experts in anchovies, as they preserve 100% of their real flavour.

Anchovy fillets are ready to eat. They have already been cured and are sold filleted, usually bathed in olive oil.

I would like to buy anchovies. Whats the difference between mediterranean and cornish?

The Mediterranean are smaller. And whilst the same species some customers have a preference. We suggest buying a pack of each to work out which ones you prefer.