Salt and Pepper Squid 1KG



1 kg

Quick-fried salt and pepper squid morsels are topped with a mix of herb and seasoning for an appetiser that your friends will surely love. Squeeze a bit of fresh lemon on top to bind the flavours and elevate the dish to new heights.

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Salt And Pepper Squid from Frozen Fish Direct is crafted from delicate bits of natural squid that have been carefully graded for a distinctive texture. Then they’re dipped in our traditional salt and pepper batter for a tasty kick. Deep-fried or roast in the oven. You can serve it on a bed of greens or as an appetiser or use it to complete a full course.

What Do Salt and Pepper Squids Taste Like?

Our Salt And Pepper Squid are made with a crisp but not too firm batter, which means the squid is meaty and has the right seasoning combination.

Responsibly-Sourced Squids

Squid is a sustainable seafood choice because it grows quickly and breeds prolifically. The squids are responsibly caught. They are caught gently at sea, causing only minimal disturbance to their environment and the aquatic ecology. The squids are washed and vacuum-sealed before being put on ice to avoid any damage during shipment.

Frozen Squid Recipe