Cod Loin Skinless & Boneless 4.54 kg BOX


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Cod is rich in vitamins, especially B12, which is important for the health of the nervous system and blood cells. This fish is also a good source of Omega-3 fatty acids essential for brain function and keeping the unhealthy cholesterol level low. Cod contains multiple minerals, including phosphorus, potassium, and selenium, all play a big part in keeping the muscles, bones and nervous system healthy.

The tastiest part of the fish, Cod Loin, is best prepared battered or baked, served with a full-flavoured sauce. It also works well combined with other seafood such as Mussels and Prawns in Seafood Stews. Try our amazing recipe for Crunchy Panko-Crusted Cod, serve with a chilled Muscadet or lightly-oaked Chardonnay.