Smoked Trout 100gram



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The Rainbow trout fillets are sourced from the clean waters of Cornwall and are hand-trimmed before being cured and hot-smoked using just oak and alder woods. Trout is an oily fish, much like salmon. Therefore it is perfect for smoking and the process of curing is very similar.

A traditional smoking kiln begins with a smouldering blend of hardwoods that creates a thick smokey atmosphere inside the kilns. The smoking of trout is a long process, to ensure the fish has the correct texture and flavour.

The fish is first of all cured in traditional rock salt for 2 days and then rinsed in freshwater before being put on a traditional smoker where it is smoked for 2 hours, allowing the natural oils of the fish to be drawn out.

After this, the smoking time varies depending on the weight and size of the fish, with bigger pieces such as loins taking longer. By selecting traditional smoking methods our smoked fish delivers a unique and delicious flavour, complemented by a succulent texture.

The smoky aroma of traditional smoking also offers a delightful and distinctive garnish for any dish.


Our smoked trout is one of our signature products, offering a traditional smoked flavour at an affordable price.

It is particularly popular with those sensitive to strong fish flavours and also those who like their food cooked gently without over-salting. It’s also great in sandwiches or simply warmed through gently in the bag in its juices.


Our Smoked Trout is made with sustainably sourced salmon wood smoked over alder wood chips.