Samphire 300g net Jar




Samphire is a low-growing perennial plant that forms dense mats along the tidal marshes of the Atlantic coast and Pacific Canada.

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It is a marine plant with a long and abundant history, but it remains a delicacy in many cultures around the globe. A small, green vegetable that thrives in the salty marshes of the seashore, it has long fibrous stalks that taper towards a delicious seed. Our samphire range is grown in a dedicated area of Scotland’s East Neuk within feet of where they were pulled from the sea. Harvested by hand and packed on-site in the botanical capital of Britain. Samphire has a rich source of vitamins A, C and E and iron, copper, and fibre. Enjoy it in stews, cold hors-d’oeuvre or salads.

What Does Samphire Taste Like?

Samphire is a versatile food, ideal for adding to stir-fries, salads and cooked dishes. It can replace capers or dill with a delicate but distinct flavour of its own. This exquisite balance of creamy, fruity flavours is achieved by pickling Samphire in extra-virgin olive oil and flavoured with a bouquet of herbs.

Responsibly-Sourced Samphire

Samphire is a plant rooted in the sea. It is of the same family as glasswort and sugar beet. It is harvested sustainably by hand using small boats, taking care to avoid damaging the environment. Sustainability has never tasted so good!