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The Spring Roll is a traditional Asian appetiser.  Made using freshly chopped vegetables wrapped in rice paper and served either plain or deep-fried.

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They are one of the world’s most popular appetisers, cheap to make and easy to store.  Each pack contains 50 spring rolls at 15g each.  They are ready to eat straight from the packet. These spring rolls are convenient to heat in the oven or shallow-fry. Each pack contains 50 spring rolls at 15g each. Now you can enjoy a nice snack anytime! Our Spring Rolls are perfect for the family or anyone craving some delicious, quick, easy snacks. They’re perfect served with a dip and can be heated in the oven at 180°C for 20 – 25 minutes, making them perfect for serving as an appetiser. Traditional Spring Rolls are deep-fried, but these oven-cooked rolls maintain the same unique flavours of traditional spring rolls, without the high fat. Packed with vegetables and baked in minutes, they’re the ideal healthy snack to enjoy at home, school or work.

What Do Spring Rolls Taste Like?

Spring rolls are a popular Asian snack and appetizer, and our Spring Rolls are the perfect way to enjoy them. Lightly spiced and perfectly skinned, they’re simple to prepare. Simply roll them up to a special pan, fry and serve hot. With only minutes of preparation time, these tasty vegetarian spring rolls are a fantastic light lunch or dinner Asian-inspired feast without the hassle of deep-frying, perfect for anyone trying to avoid saturated fats. They’re either eaten in on their own or served with a soy sauce for dipping, and they’re great as an on-the-go snack, starter dish, or light lunch. Now you can enjoy the authentic flavours at home with Spring Rolls!