Whiting Fillets 1kg




Our whitefish fillets are smaller fish from the cod family. The skinless fillets have a delicate flavour and soft texture, yet firm enough to hold together on the pan.

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Ideal for tossing in a frying pan for a quick supper, Whiting is also ideal for battering and deep-frying for an easy takeaway meal. This is a versatile fish that will work well in any recipe, especially if you want to get creative and mix up some different types of fish. Its excellent quality and value don’t compromise on flavour either as it’s a light, lean fillet that has an exquisite flavour with a subtle sweet taste. Our cod-like fish has a high protein content and selenium content and is rich in omega-3 fatty acids.


Whitefish fillets are perfect for healthier, delicious fish dishes. Their flesh is light, firm, lean, sweet and delicate in flavour. Skin-on fillets are best cooked gently as they can become dry easily.


The Whiting fish is not only versatile but also sustainable, as it can be caught throughout the year by special line fishing methods. We recommend serving it with a summer salad with fresh herbs.