Panga Fillets 1kg


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Panga is a freshwater, meaty fish that is incredibly versatile. It is a great low-fat alternative to red or white meat. Also known as Pangases or Basa, it’s a fast-growing fish that has grown in popularity due to its firm flesh and low levels of mercury.

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Panga Fillets are gaining in popularity as people discover their delicate flavour. It is a quick-cooking fish, ideal for the BBQ and served with a fresh salad. Whether you enjoy it flavoured with your favourite herbs, grilled or marinated, Panga is one of the most rewarding fish to cook. As well as being tasty, it is also of outstanding value and an excellent source of protein. All our 1kg fillets are vacuum packed.

What Do Panga Fillets Taste Like?

Panga offers a firm texture and has no bones or skin. It comes filleted. It is easy for you to take out the individual fillets, cook and serve. Our Panga fillets are delicious and succulent.

Responsibly-Sourced Panga Fillets (Basa)

We deliver the best possible quality. What’s more, our fish are all sourced from a sustainable source, helping you do your bit both for yourself and for the environment.