King Crab Clusters 800g-1kg


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Barents Sea
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A king crab cluster comprises the whole side of a crab with three legs and a claw on its arm. At the crab’s shoulder, all of the bits are still linked. It is an expensive, exquisite delicacy! These should not be wasted either- cook the legs and arms not to waste any parts of the crab.

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King Crab can be enjoyed in various ways: bibimbap by mixing them with kimchi and gochujang, or as sushi rolls by stuffing them with avocado. You can also bake them with garlic butter to please everyone at the table for a superior flavour! The Norwegian King Crab is a sea creature found in the Barents Sea. They have quite a lobster flavour. These species are considered to be quite valuable and harvested since the 1800s. They are a common dish in Japan, Korea, and Norway, and most people say they taste very much like lobster than crab. King crabs are an excellent source of protein, zinc, calcium, iron and Omega-3 fatty acids. King crab is also likely to contain many other nutrients. According to nutritionists, consuming king crab can help you to lose weight and lower your cholesterol levels. So there has been a rapid increase in the consumption of king crab around the world in recent years.

What Does King Crab Taste Like?

The leg meat of a king crab is valued for its thick, sweet taste and daintily tender consistency, which is similar to lobster meat. These crabs are normally cooked and flash-frozen on the fishing ships, making them safe and easy to transport. But getting to the precious meat requires effort; heavy shells with large spikes often necessitate the use of a smashing device.

Responsibly-Sourced King Crab

Our king crabs are responsibly harvested and handled, making them a great seafood option. They’re easier to find in more plentiful numbers and have a longer harvest time.