Haddock Fillet Skinless 1kg



These Haddock fillets are so versatile – there is no end of recipes that you can cook with them for a fantastic meal. Why not try Haddock and Leek au gratin, Haddock in tomato and basil sauce or zesty Haddock with crushed potato and peas.

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Haddock fillets are so versatile because they can be prepared in a variety of ways. They’re perfect for Haddock and Leek au gratin, zesty with crushed potatoes and peas, or the classic tomato sauce dish!

Skinless Atlantic Haddock, line caught haddock 3-4 fillets in kilo bag.

The Skinless Atlantic Haddock brings you a healthy resource at the best value to ensure your success with this sustainable product.


Haddock is a fish that has been catching the eye of many consumers since it offers mild sweetness and tender texture. Haddocks are unique in comparison to other fishes because they offer firm yet flexible flake which create an unforgettable dish!

If you’re looking for something new on your serving platter or want to try cooking out this Fall, then look no further than the delicious haddock!!!


This haddock is certified by the MSC and considered sustainable according to their standards.