Whole Black Tiger Prawns 2/4 1kg


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The largest full uncooked prawn we’ve ever seen. They’re a lot bigger than they appear in the photo! This is the largest entire prawn on our website, weighing around 200 grams per shrimp in a kilo package. This is ideal for preparing garlic buttery butterfly prawns. With next-day delivery available, you may order some today and test them for yourself.

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Selenium, zinc, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium are abundant in prawns. They’re also high in protein, low in fat, and packed with vitamins including B12, C, selenium, potassium, and folic acid. All of these things can assist the body stay healthy and fight weariness and sickness.

You can use them in our Seafood Stew, a robust paella, linguine with garlic, lemon, and chile, or pan sear them with salt and pepper. With this extremely flexible mollusc, the possibilities are boundless. Try our delicious Prawn Jambalaya dish and pair it with a young Australian Shiraz red wine.