Sockeye Fillets 10 x 140/170g


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10 fillets

Sockeye salmon is one of the smaller species of Pacific Salmon. It is known for its imposing red colour and deep flavour. It is also the most flavorful of all salmon!

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The bright-orange flesh of fillets makes them natural, and the tough bones have been removed, so they’re perfect for quick and easy dinners. The Sockeye fillets are firmer in texture than the farmed Scottish salmon. It’s a top pick for gourmet restaurants because of its high quality and is also widely prized by consumers as a fresh and nutritious culinary treat. The freshness of a Sockeye fillet does not need to be “enhanced” or “sealed in”, it is ready to cook and eat right out of the pack!


Sockeye is known for its deep, brick red colour, and this fillet is no exception, it’s also a top pick for fish lovers who appreciate a lighter flavour and firm, dense texture. Sockeyes have a nice firm texture that quickly sears in a pan. For a seafood-centric menu, pair with clams or mussels and fresh corn on the cob.


Sockeye Fillets are the most sustainable seafood you can eat. Sockeye is less at risk from overfishing or depletion than other species. Because they’re at the top of the food chain, they absorb less mercury and toxins from their environment and have higher omega-3 levels than other fish.

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