Turbot Skin on fillet 200-250g


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Turbot is a flatfish caught in the Atlantic Ocean. It has an exceptionally delicate flavour and high quality.

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With the skin on, this wild turbot fillet will be a piece of fish that you look forward to serving your family & friends. This is ideal for preparing delicious seafood meals, grilling, or pan-frying. The Skin On Frozen Wild Turbot is a true delicacy. The skin becomes crispy when cooked, adding a delicious texture to the dish! Prepared with salt and pepper, it easily absorbs the flavours of spices. Prominent chefs all over the world recommend turbot as one of the best seafood there are.

What Does Turbot Taste Like?

Turbot’s natural sweetness and tender texture are excellent for baking, boiling, steaming, or grilling. The delicate mild taste and the soft, gelatinous mouthfeel are good reasons to recommend it for more sophisticated recipes. The firm flesh of turbot holds up well to moist-heat cooking methods such as poaching or steaming. It lends itself well to Mediterranean-style recipes and works well with other types of fish.

Responsibly-Sourced Turbot

The Turbot fish is sustainable. It has been caught by experienced fishermen using only traditional fishing techniques. Our fish and all seafood are responsibly caught in the oceans. We make sure all of our oil and fish are fully traceable from catch to plate, so you can rest assured this dish is good for the ocean and your appetite.