Ribbon Fish Steaks 1kg


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1 kg

The steak-styled ribbonfish is a popular dish in Japan and is widely available in British restaurants. The flavour is pleasantly mild, slightly reminiscent of salty, sea flavours. Fish flesh is like flounder but healthier. The flaky white flesh has a delicate texture. With its richness and smoothness in flavour, it is similar to a rich sauce.

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A tropical wild-caught fish popular across Southeast Asia, this tropical fish can be grilled or fried. Ribbonfish are known for their unique, elongated bodies and for the texture of their flesh, which is soft and firm. They are also easily deboned. Now you can order steak cuts in 1kg packs, which are ideal for pan-frying or grilling.

Ribbonfish can be prepared in many ways, whether raw, smoked, pan-fried, or boiled. This preparation results in a truly tender texture, with a remarkably delicate flavour.

Ribbonfish is an easy-to-prepare, pre-packaged fresh frozen fish that is available from Frozen Fish Direct. Pick a variety from our website, click, add to your cart and contact us for delivery anywhere in the UK. The seafood we deliver is of the highest quality, nutrient-dense, and at prices that are outstanding value for your money. You can count on us for a great food shopping experience.

Rich And Smooth Ribbon fish Steaks

The body can benefit from this type of fish because it contains a wide array of nutrients. Some people will do anything for the benefits they receive, particularly when it comes to health. As a result of its high nutritional value, ribbonfish is good for a variety of things, such as strengthening muscles and protecting the skin.

The Omega 3 found in Ribbonfish can alleviate arthritis pain and promote heart health. There is very little fat or cholesterol in fish, and it is a good source of vitamin B12 and D. Ribbonfish is a common diet in Japan for people who wish to lose weight.

Responsibly-Sourced Prized Food Fish

When it comes to making tasty meals from your kitchen, frozen Ribbon Fish from us is the best choice. Sustainable seafood is one of our specialities. Our frozen Ribbonfish are sustainably caught and flash-frozen to maintain all the freshness.