Pie Liquor 900g


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Every day is Pie Day when you have Pie Liquor in your fridge. Pie liquor is an essential taste of London and is a delicacy that has been enjoyed by millions!

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Made with fresh eel and mixed with parsley for the perfect blend, this liquor is easy to use and makes a great gift for any occasion. The classic taste of eel pie is ready in a flash with our Eel Pie Liquor! Mashed through with the finest British Flour, sprinkled with Parsley to keep it fresh and then wrapped in a golden pastry case. Your Pie will be extremely tasty and will go well with chips and a cold pint of ale. Now you too can be a pie connoisseur; celebrate this great British institution with the world’s only authentic, made-in-London, pie liquor.


Each pack will make you a half-pint of delicious liquor to pour over your eel pies or anything else for that matter!  The perfect addition to a traditional pie, it will give your favourite meal an extra burst of flavour.


Made from responsibly sourced fish, eel Pie Liquor is a luxurious and rich fish liquor with unique sweet and savoury characteristics, combining the umami of eel with the homely taste of liquor, in a pan-seared whole fish.