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What Is Brill?

Brill is a flatfish that also belongs to the family of Turbot fish. They are more oval, and the coating of a Brill fish is super smooth, unlike the turbot. They are normally found off the South and West Coasts of Britain and on the North-East Atlantic.

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The frozen Brill is a great alternative to certain flatfish like turbot and plaice. They are also a lower-priced option. With its sweet white flesh and a mild flavour, it’s a premium big flatfish, making it popular in posh restaurants. Other basic ingredients, like butter and fresh herbs, fit well with this white flatfish. They taste amazing when served raw and therefore are quite popular for sushi and sashimi.

Processing Brill

With the skin on and pin bone in place, our frozen brill fillets add to the flavour and make it easy to cook the brill fillets to keep them intact. Also, we offer premium Brill fillet steaks from the thickest section of the fish and fillet pieces from the thinner portion.

The proper handling and quick freezing of the Brill before storage contribute to maintaining high-quality levels of the taste and texture of the fish. Guttering is required before freezing, just so the uncut frozen Brill will be less prone to deterioration.
They can be stored in great shape for a longer time, like other fish, by keeping them in frozen storage.

It helps to preserve the excellent taste by freezing the whole fish and slicing it into fillets after it has been thawed.
Polyethene sleeves and waxed carton containers are used to prevent further the rotting and deterioration of frozen fish and other seafood products. Polyethylene sleeves and waxed carton containers are used.

Benefits Of Frozen Brill

As a relatively fatty fish, Frozen Brill is low in calories. The probability of heart disease, asthma, obesity, and stroke is reduced by consuming fresh frozen Brill.
Brills have low saturated fat but are higher in “heart-healthy” polyunsaturated fat, especially omega-3 fatty acids.

Brill fish typically contain high concentrations of calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and magnesium. It is also an important iodine source in the diet.
There are also plenty of essential vitamins such as thiamin, vitamin E, b6, b12, niacin and riboflavin.

It has a decent amount of fat, 1/4 of which is composed of saturated fat.
This fish is a fantastic source of protein and selenium as well.

The Brill fish contains high levels of vitamin A and vitamin D. They help protect sight from eye problems, and other eye diseases that degenerates the retina and blurs the eyesight.

Why Buy Frozen Brill From Us?

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Frozen Brill Nutritional Facts

A 100-gram serving of cooked Brill fillet provides:

Kcal: 80
Protein: 18.3g
Carbohydrates: 0g
Sugars: 0g
Fat: 0.7g
Saturates: 0.1g
Salt: 1.5mg


What does Brill fish taste like?

Brill is a flatfish with quite a distinct brownish skin tinted with white to creamy white dorsal flesh. Popular for its rich flavour and firm texture, Brill is especially delightful when fried or grilled which is highly comparable to turbot.

Can I directly cook the Frozen Brill?

Frozen Brill may be served in its entirety or as a fillet. If you can spare more cooking time, it can be baked without defrosting. It takes approximately 30 minutes to thaw the frozen Brill under cold water. You must pre-heat the oven to 450 ° F or 230 ° C  if you want to bake the frozen Brill.

So how are you going to know when the frozen Brill goes bad?

Some common features of bad fish include a slimy, thick, sticky coating with a fishy stench. White or greyish-brown patches on the surfaces of the fish, named freezer burns, indicate that the frozen fish have dried up. This means that the moisture inside this fish evaporated if it were lighter than its weight before being placed in the freezer. These indications will not make the Brill toxic to eat, but it would affect the texture and flavour.

Is frozen Brill as good as fresh Brill?

Within 3 hours of being caught, the fresh brill is frozen, which is more preferable than any fresh fish in the supermarkets. They are captured, frozen, and shipped to the retailer. It's delivered and transported to the nearby supermarket. Frozen fish takes the doubt out of how safe and healthy the fish you consume owing to the technologies used nowadays.

How to quickly defrost the frozen Brill?

Using cold water is an easy but quite common method to defrost the frozen brill. For safety and taste preservation, the fish should be stored in a sealed container and submerged in water until it has been thawed. Place in a tub at the bottom of the fridge, apart from all the other prepared foods. Keeping it in the fridge until it has been completely defrosted.