Lux Crab Claw Meat (hand picked) 250g net


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Lux Crab Claw Meat is claw crab meat picked from the swimming fins of a crab. There is only one true way to catch a crab. Reach down into its hole, grab it by the shell, and pull it up. This is how you get Lux Crab Claw Meat.

Availilability: In Stock

We wanted to bring you hand-picked luxury crab meat that shows how good real crabs are. The crab meat supplied is picked from the swimming fins of the crab, which can be cooked as a claw crab mid-section or an Indian butter crab. Lux Crab Claw Meat can be served raw, cooked or deep-fried and is ideally used in a sauce with a strong flavour.

What Does Crab Claw Meat Taste Like?

The meat is white, with a strong seafood flavour. Lux Crab Claw Meat is ideal for dishes with heavy sauce, dips and soups. Its rich texture and strong flavour are perfect for any recipe that needs additional sweetness and seafood flavour.

Responsibly-Sourced Crab Claw Meat

Our Lux crab claw meat comes from our sustainable fishery, where our fishermen only have access to the best crabs and cleanest waters. That’s why all of our products carry a guarantee of quality.