Raw Headless Prawns 8-12 800g net




These headless, freshwater Prawns are a delicacy in the East, coming from Bangladesh freshwater farms. Raw prawns are quick to cook, and you may keep the tails on or strip them.

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Prawns are a sustainable food source that is also beneficial to your and your family’s health. This 800g bag includes some 24 raw, headless prawns. Prawns are high in protein and contain a variety of amino acids. In a series of studies, prawns were found to be a healthier weight-loss snack due to their low-fat content. Prawns are easy to prepare and common in a wide range of cuisines. Create a seafood stew or mix it with your favourite noodles. You may also include them in your own seafood sauce.  They’re also easy to bake with garlic and lemon.

Frozen Prawns Recipe

What Do Prawns Taste Like?

It’s better to eat them whole, with the tail and shell already attached, as this encourages you to consume them all at once. The prawn’s flesh is revamped before cooking, and the flavour is usually sweet with a hint of salt.

Responsibly-Sourced Prawns

All of Frozen Fish Direct’s prawn products are sustainably sourced, and we have gained sustainable certifications on all of our products.