Carabineros Wild Red Prawns 800g



These are large deep-sea prawns that hail from the Eastern Atlantic. Ours are caught off in Mozambique. They are renowned for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour.  U-10, so under 10 prawns in a net weight box of 800 grams.

Wild Caught, these are some of the most sought-after prawns in the world.

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Carabineros Wild Red Prawns are known for their jumbo size and striking bright red colour. The prawn is caught off Mozambique, where it hails from the Eastern Atlantic Ocean. These particular ones, under 10 in a net weight box of 800 grams.

Carabineros Wild Red Prawns have a distinctive red colour that does not change when cooked. More robust in flavour than other shrimp or langoustine, they are also coveted for their large size.

Traditionally prepared, salted and grilled, some people recommend treating these sea creatures as delicate lobsters instead of simple shrimps because we all know how tasty those can be with just butter on top…

What Do Carabineros (Wild Red Prawns) Taste Like?

Europeans are known for cooking interesting dishes, and the Carabineros prawns may be among their best. And don’t forget about those tasty heads! These creatures have a flavorful tail and other parts of the body that can add flavour to soup or sauce making.

Responsibly-Sourced Carabineros (Wild Red Prawns)

These prawns are certified sustainable because they meet required social and environmental standards. These include ensuring the business is socially responsible, environmentally friendly, compliant with laws/regulations, economically viable for long-term success by meeting best practices in management systems.