Breaded Prawns 500g



Take out as many as you can eat and put the rest back in the freezer – great party snack.

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The perfect party food! These butterfly prawns can be served as an elegant starter or combined with other seafood selections on a platter.

Our butterflied prawns are coated in an irresistibly crunchy breadcrumb. You can take out as many of these appetizers as you want and put the rest back in the freezer.

These raw, frozen and peeled, butterfly-cut prawns can be deep-fried to perfection for your dinner guests. They also make for delicious deep-fried bites when paired alongside dips and salads at your next party!

What Do Breaded Prawns Taste Like?

The classic crispy breaded prawns are a great way to follow up your favourite Chinese dish with an appetizer or main course. Their irresistible flavour and crunch make them the perfect treat for any occasion, so they’ll be sure to impress at all of your future parties!

Responsibly-Sourced Prawns

We make it our mission to provide the most delectable seafood sourced in a way that is both ethical and does not harm the environment.