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King Prawns are popular seafood. There are generally 30 to 40 king prawns in a 1kg box, and they taste best when they’ve been peeled.

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One of our best-selling shellfish and one of the most versatile on the market. King Prawn is well-suited for easy-to-to-prepare dishes. The peelings can be thrown away or used for stocks and soups. It’s easiest to peel them while they’re still chilled from the fridge. Use your fingers to remove the shells, and then use a knife for the last bits of shell hiding inside each one. Prawns are a valuable source of phosphorus, zinc, selenium, copper and magnesium. Each of these things will help the body remain safe and resist exhaustion and sickness. They’re also rich in calcium, low in calories, and packed with vitamins like B12, C, potassium, and folic acid. You should try your Seafood Medley stew, mix it with linguine, cover it with lemon and chilli, or brown it in a skillet. With this wonderfully flexible shellfish, the possibilities are infinite.

What Do King Prawns Taste Like?

King Prawn is an excellent choice for serving a variety of simple and ready-to-to-cook meals. They’re best enjoyed with the tail and shell intact so that you can devour them in one bite. The King Prawn’s flavour is naturally sweet, combined with a hint of seasoning, salt and once cooked, the flesh is reconstituted. They’re also used in a variety of cocktails and can be served with pasta.

Responsibly-Sourced  King Prawns

Prawns are a widely sought-after seafood product in our store. Frozen Fish Direct’s prawn products are purchased from farms that are handled responsibly, adhere to environmental practices, and tackle habitat damage concerns. Any of the seafood we serve has been caught or farmed sustainably. This ensures that our suppliers must only provide seafood from safely operated fisheries or farmed fishery operations. We’ve been working on this strategy for several years.