King Prawns Farmed 20-30 1kg


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It’s worth paying a little extra for a firm, soft, meaty, and sustainably farmed king prawns, which were once regarded as a luxury but are now a regular ingredient.

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These saltwater varieties have made their way into the world’s recipes, embracing intense flavours like chilli and garlic while keeping their own. To keep prawns from becoming gritty, make sure to de-vein them before cooking. Another way to enjoy yourself while eating prawns is by peeling them and sharing those with your friends with various dipping sauces, like sweet chilli sour cream or garlic mayonnaise. This is one of our most common products. Keep in mind that these are cooked in batches of 20-30 king prawns.

A selection of basic and homecooked meals can be served with King Prawn. It’s better to eat them whole, with the tail and shell still attached so that you can eat them all in one bite. The taste of the King Prawn is slightly sweet, with a touch of seasoning and salt. They can also be eaten with pasta and are used in a prawn cocktail.

Responsibly-Sourced  King Prawns

In our shop, prawns are one of the most popular seafood products. Frozen Fish Direct’s prawn products come from farms that are managed with care, follow environmental guidelines, and address concerns about habitat destruction. Any fish and seafood we offer have been harvested or farmed in an environmentally sustainable way. Our vendors must only supply seafood from responsibly managed farms or cultivated fisheries. For many years, we’ve been implementing this approach.