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These exquisite prawns from a sustainably operated fishery in Southeast Asia have crossed the globe to hit your plate.

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They are light in colour and have a brilliant blue tail. These prawns are ‘snap’ frozen as soon as harvested to ensure they remain as fresh as possible. These prawns have a sweeter, richer taste, which is most likely due to their natural sea diet. The vein in these prawns isn’t pronounced, but just slice the tail and take it out if it bothers you. These prawns are frozen in a shallow layer of water, keeping them stable inside their package and ensuring they are defrosted in perfect condition. Eat them on their own or throw a handful into a bowl to make it look more impressive. They come in a box of 13 to 15 big raw prawns. In almost every dish, huge juicy large prawns are unbeatable.

What Do Prawns Taste Like?

Our whole prawns are huge and tasty, and they’re sold raw, with the head and tail intact. The shells turn pink when cooked, and the sweet, meaty flesh turns white with a pink tinge. The flesh must be cooked quickly, or it can become tough.

Responsibly-Sourced Prawns

Sustainable seafood — we only offer products that have been raised and harvested in an environmentally sustainable manner. Prawns are one of the most famous seafood items we market. All prawns sold by Frozen Fish Direct come from farms with proper sustainability policies or are sourced from farms that want to mitigate environmental problems. Our suppliers only deliver seafood from well-managed farms or sustainable fisheries. This is a practice we’ve used for a long time.