Headless King Prawns 6/8 net 800g




Prepared by Thai chefs, these prawns are sourced from Thailand’s fishing banks and are carefully selected for size and quality.

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The headless prawns are washed, deveined, then seasoned with a water-based glaze that will keep them extra fresh until ready for use. Thanks to their long shelf life, they can be kept well in the freezer for up to 6 months. For the ultimate freshness, we recommend thawing the prawns before use and using them within 48 hours. Freshwater king prawns are very delicate in texture. They have firm bodies yet are tender and easy to cook. These versatile prawns are perfect for all your favourite recipes, from Thai curries and Chinese stir-fries to salads and seafood pasta dishes. To prepare, ensure that the shells are removed before cooking. A variety of methods can then cook your prawns: boiling, baking or steaming, frying or grilling. Available in a variety of sizes.

What Do King Prawns Taste Like?

Headless or shell-on, the texture of king prawns is firm but soft and tender. Each day, as the prawns grow, the skin hardens more, and they become firmer in texture. Headless king prawns are perfect for cooking with a glaze-Chinese stir fry, Thai curries, stir-fries or salads.

Responsibly-Sourced King Prawns

These King prawns have been classified as sustainably sourced. They’ve already been certified by a third-party inspector to show that our business follows both social and environmental standards. It also considers significant environmental impacts, as well as legal considerations.