Best Frozen Yellowfin Sole For Sale

What Is Yellowfin Sole?

A vibrant and delicious flatfish, Yellowfin Sole provides a wide variety of cooking methods and menu choices. Frozen Yellowfin Sole is better served when grilled with that delicate texture and a mild, sweet taste. It is also a smart choice for seafood as it is sustainably handled and processed according to UK law.

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Most yellowfin soles are less than a pound, so they are commonly sold as thin fillets between two to four ounces. Frozen Fish Direct’s yellowfin sole is frozen at sea and processed into a fillet before being sold on the UK market. It is readily accessible throughout the year, primarily as boneless and skinless fillets that are frozen.

Processing Yellowfin Sole

For grocery stores and supermarkets, a large portion of our Yellowfin Sole is frozen in a complete round shape and is processed in single fast-frozen fillets. The fillets are rapidly frozen individually, can be solo or paired, skinless and boneless. Scoring is conducted based on the criteria that we discuss with the buyer, and the various weights depend on the final product.

Benefits Of Frozen Yellowfin Sole

Frozen yellowfin sole is a nutritious food with only 1.2 calories per gramme, ensuring that it has few calories relative to its weight. It allows you to feel full with fewer calories by having more low-energy rich foods in your diet, making it much easier for you to control your weight.

The yellowfin sole is a decent protein source. Nearly half of the minimum daily protein requirements are fulfilled by one serving of this fish. Also, all the essential amino acids are found in the frozen yellowfin sole, rendering it a protein-rich source. The yellowfin sole is also very low in saturated fat. Although fat in food is a healthy source of calories and helps you digest fat-soluble vitamins, the chance of heart disease is increased by having far too much saturated fat.

It is also a healthy source of phosphorus, magnesium and B vitamins. For healthier teeth and bones, phosphorus is essential. For the development of red blood cells, B vitamins are needed. Magnesium is a mineral that also assists in processing energy, which is also required to make protein and help regulate blood sugar and blood pressure levels.

Why Buy Frozen Yellowfin Sole From Us?

Frozen Fish Direct delivers all known fish and seafood to UK customers, supplying wholesalers, manufacturers and restaurateurs. Our network of temperature-controlled vehicles delivers throughout the United Kingdom, with seafood processing facilities and ready-to-eat food production in key locations.

We specialise in supplying the best quality frozen yellowfin sole and other seafood items on the UK market. We also ensure that all of our fish suppliers are entirely traceable through a catch certificate, giving us total trust in the quality of the fish stocks we supply.
Our customer service is polite, efficient and comprehensive, aimed at always satisfying the specifications and marketing requirements of the customers.

Frozen Yellowfin Sole Nutritional Facts

A 91-gram serving of a Yellowfin Sole fillet provides:

Calories: 83
Calories from Fat: 9
Total Fat: 1g
Cholesterol: 44mg
Sodium: 73mg
Carbohydrates: 0g
Sugar: 0g
Fibre: 0g
Protein: 17g
Vitamin A: 15μg
Vitamin C: 1.8mg
Calcium: 20mg
Iron: 0.4mg


Is frozen yellowfin sole a good choice?

In general, sole fish is a healthy source of phosphorus, vitamin B12 and selenium, including a variety of other minerals and vitamins. In comparison, while these substances have a high chance of toxicity, they are usually lower in mercury than certain other forms of seafood.

What does yellowfin sole taste like?

The mild and moderately sweet taste of Yellowfin Sole is quite identical to that of tilapia mixed with cod. The flavour is light and delicate, but the texture is firmer than cod or tilapia or cod. Yellowfin sole doesn't taste "fishy," making it a nice choice for those that don't want fish as the main dish on the menu.

Is yellowfin sole fish dangerous to eat?

Yellowfin sole has a low concentration of mercury, so it is very safe for consumption.

Does yellowfin sole have bones?

Most fish, which are conveniently produced into steaks, may have no bone or only a bone in the centre. The yellowfin sole is nearly bone-free.

Can you cook yellowfin sole straight out from the freezer?

You may bypass the thawing phase and cook the frozen fish straight out of the freezer. To compensate for the lack of defrosting, you may need to add few more minutes to the cooking time of your recipe, then you can poach, roast, bake or grill the fish right from the freezer!