Cooked Peeled Pink Prawns 454g



Farmed in Indonesia, these cooked and peeled black pink shrimps (metapenaeus monoceros) are what is used in Chinesse cooking to add prawns to the special fried rice. 454gram to 220 gram net (these are block frozen) 200-300 count.

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The cooked peeled black pink shrimps are what the Chinese use in their fried rice. These shrimp provide plenty of protein, as well as essential amino acids that have been found by various studies to be healthy for weight loss because they contain low-fat content.

A variety of cuisines can make this popular seafood appetizer taste great! You could toss these tasty treats with noodles or cook them up into some delicious soup; there’s no limit on how you prepare it!.

Prawns are also easy to prepare which makes cooking time minimal and preparation effortless–allowing more time for enjoyment instead.


The peeled prawns are so delicate and delicious, they don’t have the fishy taste that much other seafood does. They’re sweet with a fresh flavour perfect for eating solo or enjoyed as an appetizer on rice or pasta!


Frozen Fish Direct is a leading distributor of prawns, the most popular seafood product. As such, we take great pride in only sourcing our products from well-managed farms and sustainable fisheries that do not harm fishing grounds or marine life.

All Frozen Fish Direct’s products comply with conservation standards and address habitat loss problems by promoting sustainability practices for habitats like mangroves forests to help protect biodiversity across Asia Pacific regions!

Frozen Prawns Recipe