Marinated King Prawns 1 Kg



1 kg

For full flavour and tastiness, these prawns are butterfly cut with the vein removed but the shell intact. This beautiful garlic and herb mixture goes well with salads and crusty bread as a starter.

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Vietnam is where these Marinated King Prawns are grown and produced. They’ve been marinating in a special blend of spices and herbs that we’ve made. Serve over plain rice or a bed of salad leaves. They’re also great as a canape, on a party platter, or as a component of a surf and turf menu.

Frozen Prawns Recipe


The marinade will adhere to the flesh of the prawns, giving them a taste boost. And, since the prawns are marinated with the shells intact, remind your friends and family to suck the shells; they’re almost as good as the meat. The prawns would taste amazing whether they are roasted in the oven or cooked under the grill.


These prawns are sustainably sourced and they’ve been certified. They are also approved by a third-party assessor to demonstrate that our company complies with both social and environmental requirements. It also takes into account social and environmental impacts, as well as ethical criteria.