Whole Prawns 8-12 1kg




These entire black tiger prawns from Southeast Asia are breathtaking. It’s no surprise because they’re one of the most exquisite foods on the planet.

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The black tiger prawn is readily recognisable by its long, sleek, and distinct black and yellowish stripes that extend down its body. Large tiger prawns tails make great hors d’oeuvres when grilled on skewers or in traditional shrimp cocktails. And they can tolerate tossing with other ingredients, they’re great with pasta or in casseroles. Because of their heavy skins, black tigers cook faster than the other prawn types. If you overcook them, they will become tough, so keep an eye on them. Tiger prawns should be consumed within 2days of thawing for optimum quality, but they can be refrigerated for 3 days.


When opposed to the pronounced flavour of ocean-harvested Gulf shrimp, farmed black tiger shrimp has a moderate, almost mild flavour. Tiger shrimp meat is also smoother than other shrimp species when cooked. The cooked shell turns a vibrant red colour. When cooked peeled, the white flesh has an orange tinge, and when cooked in the shell, it turns red. The flesh should be juicy and mildly resilient. Prawns may become robust, dry, and fibrous due to incorrect storage temperatures, re-freezing, or prolonged frozen storage.

Frozen Prawns Recipe


One of the most popular seafood goods we sell is prawns. Frozen Fish Direct’s prawn products are all sourced from well-managed farms, meet conservation standards, and resolve habitat loss issues. Any fish or seafood we sell has been harvested or farmed in an environmentally safe manner. Only seafood from properly run farms or sustainable fisheries is being delivered by our suppliers. We’ve been using this technique for a long time.