Atlantic Peeled Prawns 2kg


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North Atlantic
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These are Litopenaeus setiferus, which are wild-caught North Atlantic prawns. They have a terrific flavour and come the closest to the taste of full cooked Atlantic Prawns without the hassle of peeling. These prawns would be ideal for a high-end salad or prawn cocktail.

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They can be used in a wide range of hot and cold dishes and appetisers. To guarantee the best quality, it is peeled as soon as it is cooked then blast frozen. These prawns preserve the sea’s sweet taste without the added effort. Use it to top salads, tacos, prawn cocktails, and other grilled dishes. These are Atlantic prawns with a savoury flavour and are the closest thing to whole cooked prawns without the hassle of peeling. Prawns are a fantastic source of protein, and they also contain essential amino acids. Many studies have found that peeled prawns are a healthy weight-loss food because they have a low-fat content. Prawns are easy to prepare and go with a wide range of dishes from various cuisines. You can make a seafood stew or toss it with your favourite noodles. Alternatively, you can use them in a seafood sauce, such as tartar sauce, whipped into a dip, or cooked with garlic and lemon. The 2kg product is temporarily packaged in a simple vacuum-sealed container.

What Do Atlantic Prawns Taste Like?

Peeled prawns are soft and delicate to eat. It does not have a fishy or slightly salty taste. The peeled prawns have a sweet prawn flavour, and it is juicy as well. Overall, it is tasteful and fresh when eaten with rice or pasta or served alone as appetisers.

Responsibly-Sourced Atlantic Prawns

Prawns are one of the most famous seafood products we sell. Frozen Fish Direct’s prawn products are sourced from well-managed farms, comply with conservation standards, and address habitat loss problems. Any fish or seafood we sell has been caught or farmed in a not harmful way to the ecosystem. Our suppliers only supply seafood from well-managed farms or sustainable fisheries. This is a practice we’ve used for several years.