Nobashi Ebi 360g raw




Nobashis are a popular Japanese style sushi prawn made with soft shell tails. Ours have been processed to the highest standards and are shipped fresh from Vietnam.

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They come ready to eat in your kitchen. They are also great for tempura and panko breading, just spray or brush them. Perfect with a touch of salt or pepper. This product has 30 frozen raw Sushi king prawns, peeled with the tail on, stretched out into white and pink coloured poached shrimp, ready for you to make your sushi. Peeled, cooked or raw these make a great addition to your soup too.

Frozen Prawns Recipe


Nobashi Ebi fish is one of the traditional fresh seafood products in Japan that has been loved by many customers. The taste of Nobashi Ebi is powerful but not too strong, sweet yet also salty, flaky yet chewy. It has the texture like enhanced soft tofu when it is on the grill so it won’t fall apart when it is cooked, and slightly mashed when eaten raw.


Our Nobashi Frozen Raw Peeled Prawns are from ASC certified responsibly farmed sources. It is gluten-free, GMO-free and has a nutritious profile. It is additive, MSG, preservative, BPA and colourant free. It is suitable for sushi rolling, or tempura panko coating. This item is delivered frozen. Freezing raw prawns stops them from being spoiled and enables them to be safely transported around the world for consumers to cook themselves using methods they prefer.