Sushi Ebi 256 gram


Cooked peeled and deveined shrimps, farmed in Vietnam, Penaeus Vannamei.  Made for use with Sushi.

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Sushi Ebi is the best choice for guests that love sushi. Sushi Ebi adds a nice flavour and texture to your sushi rolls or any other Japanese cuisine. This has been thoroughly cleaned, making it ready to use for sushi or sashimi. They’re also great for salads and curries. The pink colour is due to the high amount of Astaxanthin contained in Shrimp. Organic ingredients are used to create a healthy and fresh taste of Shrimp farmed in Vietnam.

The shrimps are peeled and deveined to save time during preparation and for a better presentation. The shrimps are processed in a controlled environment without any additives. This results in an optimal taste and size.

Our products are well-received by a wide audience, including connoisseurs who want to enjoy the delicious and exquisite taste of Japanese food.

What Does Sushi Ebi Tastes Like?

Sushi Ebi is flavorful and delicious and perfect for party platters or a light snack. This product is gluten-free and perfect for a healthy, balanced diet.

Responsibly-Sourced Sushi Ebi

Sushi Ebi is shrimp harvested from a natural water source in Vietnam. Farmed in a sustainable manner using techniques that promote biodiversity in aquatic habitats and protect marine resources.

Harvested and handled according to strict food safety and quality standards. A careful selection and preparation process has resulted in a perfect product with no damage and defects affecting quality.